Sunday, 1 December 2013

Betsy's Cake Center - Malabon City

          Long  before Goldilocks, Red Ribbon, Conti's and other Bake shops came to be, Betsy's Cake Center already captured the taste buds of the people of Malabon.

Oh May Gad!!!!, Minion Cakes!!.
Established since 1962 and presently located at Rizal Avenue, Malabon City almost just infront of San Bartolome Church  Betsy's Cake center already caters their party needs and those most of the people in the area still prefer Betsy's over the much popular Bake shops.

There's Leche Flan, Diffrent kinds of Tart, Brownies and of course cakes.
Mamon, Taisan cake and pudding?
What is their Best Seller?

Broas Especial - P 20.00 (as of October 2013)
Betsy's version of Broas is soft and airy with butter cream filling inside unlike its counterpart in the different places of the country which is a bit crunchy.

Thanks to Betsy's for making my Dad's 56th Birthday memorable. (First time ordering a " Sunflower Cake".)

Store Information:

Name: Betsy's Cake Center
Address: 70 Rizal Avenue, Malabon City (just infront of San Bartolome Church and near the City Hall)

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