Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Ditumabo Adventures


Ditumabo Falls is located at  San Luis Aurora popularly known as the Mother Falls and it is 30 - 40 minutes away from the town of Sabang.. It's the biggest waterfalls in the province.

Start of the Trek:

the Jump Off point
Me and my guide were given 2 options on how we are going to cross the river.

 Option # 1

Cross the Manmade Dam or
 Option 2

Cross the Bamboo bridge ( na may maniningil na bata sa dulo), we chose this one.
Moving On.

lakad-lakad din.

Notice the Giant pipelines?, Ditumabo falls also serves as a source of electricity for the town of San Luis so the local government of Aurora constructed a Hydroelectric power station near the area.

Crossing the rivers.

River crossing #1

River crossing #2
River crossing #3
This is the most challenging part of the whole trek, the current is strong and I have to battle it as I pull myself to the other side. Buti na lang marami kaming kasabay.

Climbing the pipes and the Temple Run moment.

Temple run moment kaso wala naman hahabol.
small waterfalls along the way.
You need to climb the pipes to reach the the paved path it's a sign that you're minutes away from Ditumabo falls.

Welcome to Ditumabo Falls.

palpak na photo ops. hahahah!
According to the guides it rained  before the day of my Ditumabo adventure so the water is too strong, lots of water droplets(hamog/ange) everywhere mababasa ka kahit hindi ka magswimming, There's a guy who brought his dlsr to capture the beauty of Ditumado Falls but decided not too mababasa kasi camera nya.. Thankfully, we were able to get back tothe jump off point a lot quicker.

Thanks for viewing.



  1. Wow beautiful! Bet na bet ko ung river crossing! Life long dream ko ung mg trek along mga batis! Hey lovely blog here :D

    1. ei thanks for dropping by and thank you for the comment. :D

  2. big fan ako ng mga falls, nice...

    1. sabi ko na nga ba manong dadalaw ka hahaha