Sunday, 24 March 2013

At the Top of Ermita Hill

at the very top.


Ermita Hill is located at Brgy. Zabali,more or less than 10 mins away from the town center. It offers a magnificent view of the Pacific ocean and the surrounding areas.

Before Going up:

Tromba Marina
According to the locals, it was December 1735. A Tsunami (Tidal Wave) brought havoc to the entire town of Baler except for the several family members who climbed to the Hilltop. It now served as a reminder of that tragic incident.

I tried researching about the Earthquake that cause the Tsunami of 1735 that hit Baler but there's no information regarding about it. The nearest one that I found is the 1703 Genroku Earthquake.

On our way up and the view of the Pacific Ocean:

Like I said before its offers a magnificent view of the ocean, each waves can be seen clearly. You could also see the entire stretch of Sabang Beach and Cemento Beach..

Wait theres more:

Seeing the view of the Pacific Ocean is not the end, there is another set of stairs which leads you to the Cross at the very top.

Additional Information:

* On your way up you'll see a big cage which looks like an aviary but its empty if you don't count the monkey right beside it.

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Checking the weather at the PAGASA Baler Radar Station


Baler Radar Station is located at  Sitio Diguisit, Brgy. Zabali, baler, Aurora with an elevation of 178.2m  above sea level.  It was just up a hill and from the base  it would take more or less 10 minutes to get there.

On our way up:

Hindi kinaya ng tricycle :(
Lakad lakad din.
Isipin mo na lang exercise din yan.
Little did we know that its was steep with only a single road that can only fit one vehicle at a time we even encountered a truck going down the hill on our way up.

At the top of the hill:

View of Pacific Ocean

Dicasalarin Bay
The Doppler Radar.


I was about to go when the person in charge for that day asked me if I like to look around inside the office. Thank so much sir for allowing me to explore the place and teaching me how to read some meteorological data. (nakalimutan ko yung pangalan nung personnel kung alam nyo po pakisabi sakin para mailagay ko thanks!).

Additional Information:

*PAGASA installed its first Doppler weather radar station in Baler, Aurora and another in Baguio.

* Doppler radars are now used for weather warnings (such as rainfall) through Project NOAH since June 2012.

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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Sidetrip to Diguisit Falls

On our way to PAGASA Baler Radar Station, my tour guide suddenly stopped his tricycle and pointed towards the mountain side. The first thing that I thought was there maybe a landslide blocking our path or a police checkpoint stopping us on our way through, but I was wrong.

View from below

Diguisit Falls some locals also call it Cemento Falls (according to my tour guide) is located along the national road going to the town center. You may not even notice it since your eyes will be busy on the beautiful  sceneries along the road.

View from above
Almost there, just a little bit more....
and there we go. end of the line. heheh
My tour guide asked me if I want to see the very top of the falls, I said "yes".We were already  in the middle part of our trek when I realized that "naghahabol nga pala kami ng oras" and must conserve some energy for the Ditumabo Adventure (will be featured on a seperate post) tomorrow morning , we need to finish the tour before it gets dark so we decided not to finish the trek. :(

Additional Information:

* There's another waterfalls near the area though its a little bit small compare to Diguisit falls.
* No Entrance Fee (and No Donation box either heheh)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

A Short Visit to Doña Aurora's House

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Also part of the Historical Trail Tour, Doña Aurora House is just a walk away from Museo De Baler or a few minutes of tricycle , of course it features the birth place of Aurora Aragon Quezon, former First Lady of the Philippines (wife of Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon).

Getting Inside:

How I wish na ganyan sana ang bahay namin sa probinsya...
Tsk walang nakadungaw moment na sana hahah

 Same as Museo De Baler there's no Entrance fee all you need to do is to sign the visitor's logbook near the stairs to be able to explore the place. (Hindi lang kita sa picture pero may tinayo ata silang computer shop dun sa ground floor nung bahay).

 Inside The House:

The Living Room
I had to stop myself from sitting the chairs (nakakatempt umupo baka masira), dunno if the chairs are old and antique but it looks new to me.

Expecting to see old and dusty furnitures but I was surprised to see the house clean , too clean if you ask me.

The Dining Area (Panira yung PC at Computer table)
There's a room inside the house, almost like a mini library. Old Books or I think several sets of encylopedia can be found there(nasa cabinet bawal galawin) and some old pictures regarding the charitable works of the late first lady.

Around the House:

Who's the kid?, Apo ng tour guide ko.
I Thinks its same as the one on display at Museo De Baler (so dalawa yung presidential car ni President Quezon noong time nya?) but the difference is that you can actually touch the car unlike the one in the museum.

So that ends my historical tour, upnext is Diguisit falls so stay tuned for updates.

Additonal Information:

*The Manila Provincial Road in that traverses Quezon City to Manila was renamed to Aurora Boulevard in her honor in 1951, and in the same year, Elpidio Quirino created the Aurora sub-province, comprising Baler and surrounding areas in the adjacent Quezon Province. In 1978, Aurora became a separate province. Manuel and Aurora Quezón are the only spouses to have respective provinces in the Philippines named after them.

*The first major building erected in Aurora Avenue was also named after the former First Lady: Aurora Tower, Araneta Center Cubao. The most significant contribution of Mrs. Quezon in the field of education was the founding of Mount Carmel High School (now Mount Carmel College) in Baler in 1948 by American Carmelite missionaries who arrived in Baler upon her invitation.

* The Concerned Women of the Philippines have named the Aurora Aragon Quezón Peace Awards after Mrs. Quezón.

Source: Wikipedia

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Quick trip down History lane - Museo De Baler

Part of the historical tour around baler, Museo de Baler, houses several historical artifacts that link it closely to the spanish era,  for example;

Dia del Galeon
 "at the 2009 UNESCO General Conference in Paris, October 8 of every year was proclaimed as "Dia Del Galeon (day of the galeon) is commemoration of the galeon trade between the Philippines and Mexico that took place in 1*** and 1***" pasensya na medyo malabo yung pic. di ko mabasa yung date. meron ding mga relics ng The Franciscan Missionaries.

As of March 1, 2013

What are you looking at Mr. President?

Didn't stay for too long since medyo late na nag start yung tour, anyway here's the rest of the pictures inside and outside  the museum.

(Upper part)The Presidential Car, Bust of President Quezon.

Additional Information:

* Inaugurated in 2002, the museum’s historical mural, a cold cast that covers the façade, was created by sculptor Toym Imao, son of National Artist for the Visual Arts Abdulmari Imao. The work was commissioned by Sen.  Edgardo Angara and the Baler Historical Committee. source : Inquirer

* No Entrance fee but there is a Donation Box for maintenance purposes near the door.

* and of course a souvenir shop.

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