Saturday, 9 March 2013

Sidetrip to Diguisit Falls

On our way to PAGASA Baler Radar Station, my tour guide suddenly stopped his tricycle and pointed towards the mountain side. The first thing that I thought was there maybe a landslide blocking our path or a police checkpoint stopping us on our way through, but I was wrong.

View from below

Diguisit Falls some locals also call it Cemento Falls (according to my tour guide) is located along the national road going to the town center. You may not even notice it since your eyes will be busy on the beautiful  sceneries along the road.

View from above
Almost there, just a little bit more....
and there we go. end of the line. heheh
My tour guide asked me if I want to see the very top of the falls, I said "yes".We were already  in the middle part of our trek when I realized that "naghahabol nga pala kami ng oras" and must conserve some energy for the Ditumabo Adventure (will be featured on a seperate post) tomorrow morning , we need to finish the tour before it gets dark so we decided not to finish the trek. :(

Additional Information:

* There's another waterfalls near the area though its a little bit small compare to Diguisit falls.
* No Entrance Fee (and No Donation box either heheh)

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