Sunday, 24 March 2013

At the Top of Ermita Hill

at the very top.


Ermita Hill is located at Brgy. Zabali,more or less than 10 mins away from the town center. It offers a magnificent view of the Pacific ocean and the surrounding areas.

Before Going up:

Tromba Marina
According to the locals, it was December 1735. A Tsunami (Tidal Wave) brought havoc to the entire town of Baler except for the several family members who climbed to the Hilltop. It now served as a reminder of that tragic incident.

I tried researching about the Earthquake that cause the Tsunami of 1735 that hit Baler but there's no information regarding about it. The nearest one that I found is the 1703 Genroku Earthquake.

On our way up and the view of the Pacific Ocean:

Like I said before its offers a magnificent view of the ocean, each waves can be seen clearly. You could also see the entire stretch of Sabang Beach and Cemento Beach..

Wait theres more:

Seeing the view of the Pacific Ocean is not the end, there is another set of stairs which leads you to the Cross at the very top.

Additional Information:

* On your way up you'll see a big cage which looks like an aviary but its empty if you don't count the monkey right beside it.

Thanks for viewing.



  1. Hmn, I haven't been to Baler. And your post just reminded me of that reality. Sana ay mabisita ko yan soon. That cross on top of the hill reminds me of the cross atop Mt. Tapyas in Coron :-) Thank you for sharing, June! Keep the itchyfeet haha!

    1. thanks again heheh, sabi nga nila parang nasa Mt. Tapyas daw ako.