Saturday, 21 September 2013

Heritage Houses of Malolos, Bulacan.

Malolos City Cultural and Heritage House
   After witnessing the Singkaban Festival and visiting Casa Real, we went straight ahead towards the remaining  Heritage Houses of Malolos, Bulacan.

  The first picture above is The Malolos Branch of Meralco also known as the Malolos Cultural and Heritage house which is located at Pariancillo Street, Barangay Santo Nino, the former owner of the building is the Adriano Family that also own the Casa Tribunal, too bad didn't manage to get inside it was closed when we arrived.

Casa Luis Santos
With Fellow Travel Bloggers ( mga nagdadalawang-isip kung papasok.)

The Casa Luis Santos also called " The haunted House" by the locals, it is the ancestral house of the Santos Family, according to our guide some pinoy horror movies had been shoot inside the house. So I guess that's the main reason why they called it by that monicker.

Doña Alberta Uitangcoy Santos Ancestral House
The house of Alberta S. Uitangcoy, wife of Paulino Santos(Wealthy Landowner) and the leader of the  Famous "20 Women of Malolos" confidently led her "barkada" of young malolos  women in their quest to press approval by visiting the Malolos Spanish General for their request of Spanish language school. Unfortunately this is not the orgininal design of the house, sometime in 1910's their large spanish colonial style home burned to the ground.

Special Thanks to Christopher Cunanan ( Our Guide) for additional Information regarding the houses (pasensya na di masyadong nakinig, busy kaka piktyur hehehe!).

Author's Note:

the list of heritage Houses in article is incomplete. I'll update this as soon as I can get a chance to visit Malolos again.



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