Saturday, 30 November 2013

San Bartolome Church - The 399 Year Old Church of Malabon City

The Facade of San Bartolome Church (Currently under construction or we can say renovation)
San Bartolome Church is one of the oldest Augustinian Church here  in the Philippines dating back to 1700's.
and located at Rizal Avenue Extension, Malabon City.

Inside the newly renovated area.
Newly renovated Ceiling ( I wonder what the original ceiling looks like?.)
The Dome
near the altar ( Di na ako masyadong lumapit baka masunog ako. )
Still not yet finish but you can see the original color of the adobe.
It say 74 yrs old, December 1919?......(One of the prominent families of malabon I guess?)
One interesting thing you will notice once you entered the Church is that on every column there a tombstone attached to it.

400 years
And by the way, they are also preparing for the Quadricentennial celebration on May 17, 2014.

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  1. Who knew Malabon has this. NIbabaha rin ba ito?

    1. Never been to Poblacion (known as Bayan) during high tides kaya di ko masasagot hehehe!, but there's no sign or markings of flood waters inside the church.

  2. aahh nice to see this. my mother is from this area and every sunday we always go to this church. =)

    like you, im fond reading all the 'lapida' in every corner of the church. hehe

    1. Hello po, salamat po sa pagbisita sa aking munting blog, naka-ilang beses na kong naka punta sa san bartolome pero ngayon ko pa lang binasang maagi yung mga lapida.

  3. This church plays a big role in my life. My parents were married in this church in 1988 and we have been here every Sunday for mass/worship. The church also influenced me to see and like tombstones, and the cemetery.