Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Guest: Sensible Gift Ideas

Known to be the country that celebrates Christmas season the longest, the Philippines is also the most festive in celebrating the yuletide season. From Christmas carols to Simbang Gabi, reunions and parties, festivities never seem to end from the so-called ber months (starting September) to early January. But all these different activities build up in anticipation of the joyful celebration it self.

And of course, Christmas will never be complete without Gift Giving. For some people, the season is also a stressful time as they worry about the perfect gift to give a loved one and everyone else in their growing Christmas list. Especially if one is working on a limited budget, Patience in looking for the beast deals and discounts, as well as, prudence in going through the arduous task of bargain hunting are keys to stretching ones budget for gifts.

Understanding the big task of giving a gift that is not only easy one the pocket but also meaningful. Country Bankers Insurance Corporation (CBIC), introduces the Personal Accident (PA) Insurance gift card. The PA Insurance gift is a card that will give a loved one or a friend the security of they need for a period of one year. the coverage includes accidental death and disability, With this product, you are given the opportunity to not only give a gift but also offer protection from unforeseen circumstances. No Gift is more important than the gift of life. To show appreciation for life's importance and its value, we offer this product which insures the protection of people we care for from accidents and even death.

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