Friday, 3 May 2013

Mt. Pinatubo Hiking Adventure (Day tour)

picture taken from Wikipedia / USGS

Mt. Pinatubo is an active volcano located on the island of luzon about 87 km. northwest of Manila. It was June 15, 1991, Pinatubo produce the second largest eruption of the 20th century complicating the eruption was the arrival of typhoon Yunya bringing a lethal mix of ash and rain.

Source: Wikipedia

The 1991 eruption created a caldera and was subsequently filled with water form rains and lake pinatubo was formed.

Sorry naman kung medyo blurred yung pic( thanks to kuya lad for the pic)
I was invited by my brother together with his group to experience an action packed journey to the crater lake.

How to get there:

Ride any buses going to Baguio, Dagupan (that's victory liner for us) and alight at Capas, tarlac (175 per pax cubao to tarlac) , after that take a trike to take you directly to Sta. Jualiana Tourism Office (P300 for 4 pax).

Author's Tip: be early as possible.

The Tourism Office and the 4x4 adventure:

Sta. Jualiana Satellite Municipal Tourism Office.
Once you are at the tourism office you can now negotiate with the 4x4 operators. (P1300 +  per person , maximum of 5 pax per 4x4 unit).

It was a very sunny and cloudless day, a perfect weather condition .

An almost Monochromatic landscape
Some river crossing

There are currently 2 ways to reach the crater lake, the first one is the "old trail" which takes 1 hour 4x4 ride + 2 hours trekking. The second one is the " New trail" takes 2 hours 4x4 ride + 30 minutes trekking. We chose the later.

The trek starts here: 
The Famous "Where do you belong" sign

At last after 2 hours of traveling by 4x4 we arrived at the rest station which is 1 km away from the crater.

Into the forest.

Almost there konting lakad na lang

 Yehey!!! We made it!, We made it!, Hoooray!

A sight to behold and yes! we conquered Mt. Pinatubo 

Author's note:

Hiking this volcano is a no joke specially for us ( why? because we are a little bit too healthy)  but its fun and exciting.

Thanks for viewing!.


  1. d ko mapuntapuntahan kc sobrang mahal kc d kakayanin tulad kung dukha, hehehe pero worth it naman kpag mapuntahan to..

    1. mura lang sya manong, kaso nga lang dapat may kasama para may ka-share.

    2. how much yung budget nyo jan aside sa fare papunta ng Pampanga?

    3. Mga 3,500 pesos ata manong then 8 pax kami.

  2. wow astigin naman dyan. gusto ko rin pumunta dyan kapag napadpad ako sa Pampanga.

  3. ganda naman,pero bakit hindi masyadong blue ang tubig?is it too early pa ba?

    1. hmm medyo late na ata kami pumunta may nagsabi sakin na last February daw kulay blue yung tubig.